A pair of guinea pigs born in RSPCA care have yet to be re-homed almost 18 months later because they are too ‘ugly’. As a result, brothers Dribble and Tribble have become almost unintended permanent residents at the charity’s Canterbury animal centre. The pair enjoy munching on their veggies, exploring the dens and tunnels in their pod and chattering with each other in their run. Beth says they will need a home with plenty of space and enrichment and an owner who can continue to build their confidence as they are a little nervous. Read more: All the latest news from Canterbury. Listings service brought to you by KentOnline for local businesses who are offering services during the Coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus is devastating families across the country.


Click here to find out more about the guinea pig adoption process. Given their ordeal and the fact that they are 3 males, they are all getting along wonderfully well and are lively and good eaters. Billy definitely seems to be the most confident and will always run to the edge of the cage when you give them food. They will require spacious accommodation of at least cm bigger if possible so that they can grow into it and are used to living indoors.

We have guinea pigs coming in all the time, and many are rehomed before they even get to the website!

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Call us: lord. We are always looking for entertainment for our boot fairs, so if you belong to a dance school, majorette group, band, martial arts group etc. We thank all our loyal helpers who give up their time to help and welcome new friends to join us at our fund raising events. Our next boot fair will take place on Saturday 19th September where we will be delighted to welcome back the East Kent Piping Society.

We have two delightful polecats needing homes. For details of dogs, cats, and companion ponies, please call us on or email your details.

Kent: Chatham rehoming service

Skylark Vets is your friendly mobile vet operating in Kent! Charlotte and Heather have a mobile veterinary clinic equipped with both diagnostic and surgical facilities, enabling us to deliver premium care for your pet at your house. Does your pet feel stressed, anxious or fearful about going to see the vet? Do you find it difficult to round up your pet ready for the trip, or to find the time to get to the veterinary clinic?

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Welcome to Burnham House Veterinary Surgery! We are a six-vet General Practice right on the south coast of Kent. We have branch surgeries in the neighbouring towns of Folkestone;. We are a General Practice for all animal species. We run our own hour, days per year, emergency service based in Dover; and we are happy to do home visits.

During the current outbreak of Covid19 we would like to reassure all of our clients that our vets are still accessible and available to you and more importantly – your pets! We will be able to see appointments from Burnham House, our main branch in Dover. We have also re-opened our branch surgeries in Folkestone, Walmer and Whitfield.

These surgeries will be operating on reduced hours to begin with and we ask all appointments be booked via Dover on Does your pet need a repeat prescription of medication or food? No problem! We are offering postage or delivery during this time. In order to keep our phone lines accessible please order all food or repeat prescriptions by filling out the contact form here.

Give hope to guinea pigs at April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue in Eastry this Christmas

Herne bay Kent CT6. Tel: Email: Clarewinch66 yahoo. Hi my name is Clare and I have kept a variety of pets for the last 20 years. These include dogs, cats, rabbits, guniea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, tortoise, chickens and fish. I am a BRC registered breeder of mini Rex rabbits and run a small pet boarding establishment in kent.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time you MUST purchase a ticket in advance for a specific time slot and date. While opening up during the COVID social distancing.

I adopted a guinea pig from shelter and was told she is pregnant. We don’t know her due date but would like to know what signs to watch for before she gives birth. Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, are relatively unique compared to most of our household pets because their young are precocious. This means that the babies are born fully furred with their eyes and ears open, teeth erupted and are able to walk around shortly after birth.

They start eating solid food when they are a few days old but also need to nurse for about three weeks. The fact that they are so mature at birth means that the newborns are very large compared to their mother. It is not uncommon for babies to get stuck in the birth canal during delivery. For this reason, it is important that you keep a close eye on your guinea pig as she gets close to giving birth.

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Meet our highly trained, up to date, friendly and professional team. Loving your pets like we love ours. We are pleased to be offering a normal level of service. We continue to follow guidelines from the British Veterinary Association and the Government and have the following in place to allow us to treat your animals whilst keeping you and our staff safe. Our phone lines are busy so if possible, please email prescription requests including flea and worm treatment to info whitecliffsvets.

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We work very hard to match the right pet to both your needs based on your home and work life but also the needs of the animal making sure that we are finding a home they will be the happiest in. The project will help us to better promote the welfare needs of cats through:. Not all cats are suited to the family domestic life. Some are not pets in the way we have to understand them, However, through no fault of their own these cats often end up in rehoming centres which they find incredibly stressful.

We are hoping to work within our community to find homes that suit the needs of these cats — meaning they may not even have to enter a rehoming centre at all. We are looking for stables, farm yards, small holdings, large areas of land and large gardens with outdoor shelter that would be able to support the lifestyle these cats require. This often means minimal human interaction with some of them but they will need a little care and supervision to make sure they are safe, have sheltered and are healthy.

If you have a suitable outdoor space and would be interested in finding out more about rehoming a cat with these needs please email: alternativelifestyles rspca-canterbury. Rehoming Rescue Animals. The Rehoming Process. Our rehoming process is as follows: Make an appointment to come and visit the rehoming centre by calling or emailing info rspca-canterbury. Based on your answers and a good chat, the team member will show you a range of suitable animals.

9 farms in Kent and East Sussex where kids can pet cute animals

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Kitty Scratch. Parrot eating Carrot. dog running with toy. Turtle. Golden Dog. Hamster Wheel. Feeding Guinea Pig. Green Chameleon. Free Range Poultry Farm.

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EGRTM Opening Hours: 10am to 4pm, Wednesday to Saturday. FREE Admission. Victor Robert Hobbs. Victor Robert Hobbs November 23, This is to certify that the patient mentioned below and whose description is stated hereon is the authorised holder of this Identity card.

Animal shelters overrun with guinea pigs after G-Force film

Due to the outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus, the Sanctuary is currently closed. However, due to new DEFRA guidelines, we are rehoming cats and guinea pigs using a new, minimal contact process. Physical donations are still welcomed but will have to be left infront of the Shop. After a very busy and wet Saturday our team at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary could give ourselves a very well deserved pat on the back as the move into our new cattery was.

Keep up to date with recent news and upcoming events by The Lord Whiskey Sanctuary Fund in Find us on Facebook – The Lord Whisky Sanctuary Fund Kent owls, parrots, chinchillas, ferrets, guinea pigs, tarantulas, chickens and rabbits.

The prices are daily fees charges from the day of arrival up to and including the day of departure. Prices are based on 1 animal per enclosure. Full payment is due on drop off. Please note that there is a 3 day minimum charge. We require your pets food to be brought along or purchased in store along with proof of up to date vaccinations. Ferrets must be vaccinated against Distemper.

Any rabbits or ferrets who have not been vaccinated or arrive without proof of vaccinations, will not be able to stay with us. Additional house maintenance – FREE. Pet owners must provide all items necessary for Pet s to be adequately cared for, for the entire duration of your absence. Owners can keep updated with pictures and videos of their pets for both our boarding and sitting services via.

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